Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Such a nice weather!

What a beautiful day! Sunny and snow is melting fast. Spring seems to be arriving, finally. The winter this year have been very "not winterish", though. I'm quite fed up with winter, anyway. I've had some of them already.

I'm not sure, if it's because of the arctic climate or what, but we Finns keep on talking about weather. On and on, just about weather. We are often known of not being able to small-talk, but this has to be an exeption. Sometimes we are forced to get into an elevator with someone we do not know. That must be a Finnish hell! So, how are we going to relief the crushing tension? By talking about weather! Of course! We both may be dripping water, so we have to say: "Rainy." (Yes, really. This is just about the longest phrase, we can produce at that situation.) Like the other person didn't know that! Stupid. I just have to hope, that this happens somewhere else in the globe as well.

I live in the west-coast of Finland. We have a very nice archipelago here and some people still live on the small islands in the middle of the sea. Those people used to observe the weather very closely, it was something they really had to do. But still, we tend to leave the city, travel all the way to archipelago to stay in a small cottage in a small island. And then we start. We start to stare to horizon and wonder, if the rain or the wind is about to emerge. Which direction the wind will blow or is the future rain going to be just a short shower or a hard pouring rain. I even heard once this old fellow to wonder, how much oxygen was in the sea-water. OXYGEN? I can't really get it.

Here will be more to come, about weather, I suppose- I'm finnish.

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